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Welcome to The Nature Database. We index Nature samples to provide you a fun way to discover the Natural World. Birds, Trees, Plants, Animals and so much more!


We are The Nature Database, a collaborative website with the purpose of indexing nature in a visually simple way for you to discover and see just how fun it is to learn about nature, just look around!

Ever see a plant or tree and wonder what it was called? Our database will help you find out what it is. Using filters like color and shape, you can see things that look just like what you want identified.

Any questions about the meaning of a label? Don't know what kind of plant you have in hands? Go through our glossary, it is written and illustrated in a simple way to help you identify your samples.

The real fun begins after you learn the names of the most common things around you. You then find yourself seeking out new plants, ones you've never seen before. And you'll find them, and we hope you'll contribute a sample of your discovery to TNDB!

We aim to be a database open to all people. Experts and novices alike. The core interface will always be visually simple. However, we encourage experts to contribute accurate tags of academic quality that you might find useful.

How do I collaborate?

You could start by browsing through our gallery of samples, use our catalogue of labels or discover on your own with the free search. Have fun!

Holding strong to our principle, from the moment you create your account to the very ends of the indexing process, everything will be kept in a simplistic and welcoming way of submitting your own samples.

Currently we are in need of more curators and contributors for the labeling system and, as always, in need of more samples.

Feel free to share with us your contributions so we can build the largest, most diverse nature database!

We do have some rules for you to mind and keep our content consistent for the better functionality of the website:

= Images

We don't expect you to take professional photos, but we do expect you to crop your images into a square that clearly focuses in on what you are seeking to contribute. The max size of images is 1000x1000 - upload anything larger and it will be rejected or resized.

We are not an image hosting service, so please do not dump your entire photo library! Unique samples will always take priority, and useful alternative images will be allowed on a case by case basis.

= Tagging

Every image you upload must be tagged! Images will not even be considered for moderation until they have at least one tag. Images left untagged for more than a week will be permanently deleted.


Our modest team, as of now, is composed of

Stephen Goral, programmer, system and database admninistrator, nature enthusiast, CEO and owner of Goral Software, Anime Characters Database and The Nature Database;

Sabrina Mirandola, teacher, writer, insect keeper and amateur botanist;

And, of course, you!

We, as people, are made of thousands of other's help, so is our website. We want your help to bring our earnest and most ambitious objective to fruition: catalogue and label the entirety of the natural world. Join us!


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